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Am I An Idiot?

by Tony

Why Am I Still Working When I Could Be Travelling?

Am I an idiot?  Let’s tally it up.

About 6 months ago Meg and I decided that we wanted to do nothing more than travel the world together for as long as the money lasts…


The anticipation of the trip has already made our adventure more exciting…

Well done.

We already downgraded to a one bed apartment and have cut expenses to help fund our travel…


We also decided that due to our apartment lease not expiring until October and responsibilities at our current jobs that we should wait until January 2012 to leave the states…


The anticipation for the trip is great but the anxiety generated from having to delay such an epic journey is tremendous. Logically it makes sense to wait since we would have to pay a small fortune to exit our apartment lease so early and we don’t really have a plan yet anyways. We also will be able to collect another year’s salary and bonuses as long as we keep our jobs (not a guarantee these days).

But the issue that has become more and more apparent is how do we stay in these jobs when all we can think about is packing our bags and shipping out???  We are ready right now to live well instead of just doing well but we still have a year to go.

Well I don’t really have an answer.  Meg and I email each other frequently/non-stop throughout the day and I would say that, conservatively, every second email is a detailed rant about how much fun we are going to have slash what places we want to see slash what food we want to eat slash great ways to make our money last.  This constant discussion keeps me going but it also makes every minute I am not travelling with Meg AGONIZING.

One idea I’d like to try is to start picking a city/town somewhere in the world, once-a-week, to research and learn a little more about.  We can place our favorite future destinations on the site so that we all can keep track of what might lie ahead.

Now, we have read repeatedly that half the fun of Vagabonding is the spontaneity that comes with it.  You move to a city and live there until you feel that urge again to wander and then you journey to the next great spot you just heard about.  But I need to know more about the world before I let myself be led just by my future whims.  We will still leave a lot of our decisions to the future but it will be nice to at least have an idea of where we might like to go….

… plus, won’t the dreaming and planning over the next year about all of the places we’ll go help that dreary old work fly by?

We hope!

About Tony
Quit his job to try actually following his dreams for once... and is currently loving it. He is working hard to to make this life-style permanent by writing about his adventures and brainstorming money making opportunities with his partner-in-crime, Meg.

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