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Best of the Rest – The Weekly Roundup

by Meg · 6 comments


Happy Holidays from LandingStanding!


Merry Belated Christmas everyone!  I am writing this article a little in advance (Christmas Eve to be exact!) so I can enjoy stuffing my face with baked goods and watching Elf in stretchy pants on Christmas Day, but I wanted to take this time to highlight some of my favorite travel articles from this week:

  • I am so pumped to get on the plane on January 4th and start our RTW trip.  I hope that at this time next year, we can pull together a photo album of all our adventures from 2012.  In the meantime, here is Adventurous Kate’s roundup from 2011.
  • After having left Miami, I am not sure I ever truly loved living there.  But one thing I did love was being able to drive 10 minutes to South Beach to soak up some sun year-round.  As you can imagine, I was a little sad when South Beach didn’t make MJ’s list of Best Florida Beaches… But then again, I haven’t explored any of the ones on her list, so who am I to judge?! 
  • What girl can resist the yummy chocolate samplings in an Advent calendar?  I sure can’t! Daily doses chocolate around the holiday season?  Sign me up!  But for anyone looking to enjoy a more adult version of this Christmas tradition, A Lady in London shares with us the London Andaz Hotel’s  grown-up twist on the Advent calendar… A Cognac and chocolate tasting would get EXTREMELY deadly for me… I’m just sayin’!
  • I am going to need all the advice and help I can get from fellow travel bloggers when I am on the road in a couple weeks travelling the world.  Thankfully, Kim has provided me with a great list of Travel Blogs that I can add to my Google Reader for the new year.  Some I am already following, but many of these blogs came as a great surprise when I was reading her article.  Thanks for sharing Kim!
  • I LOVED the warm weather when I was living down in Miami for the past couple of years, but one thing I missed was snow for the holidays.  As you can imagine, I was wishing for flurries this Christmas season up in Boston before our big RTW trip.  Well, it’s now Christmas Eve and close to 50 degrees out, so I should probably kiss that dream goodbye.  And of course, the Traveling Canucks made matters worse by flaunting their winter wonderland pictures of Whistler Village… Not cool guys!


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