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Best Of The Rest – The Weekly Roundup

by Tony · 4 comments

Just some light PDA at the MALBA in Buenos AiresFor our more detailed oriented readers, you might have noticed that today is not Monday. So why is The Weekly Roundup going out now… on a Friday?

We remember when we had desk-bound jobs (all of the way back in 2011) and would count down the minutes until the weekend. So in honor of you desk jockeys, we’d like to start providing lots of good reading material to get you all through those last few hours. Welcome to the new home of The Weekly Roundup… TGIF!

  • Could you save $30,o00 for your RTW trip in just one year? Amy and Kieron did and tell you how! Now everyone’s circumstances are different, so don’t get discouraged if $30,o00 seems like a ridiculous amount. Try their tips and I guarantee you will save more than you ever thought possible!
  • Because I am a travel masochist, I can’t stop reading A Luxury Travel Blog. I might not have the money to afford any of these awesome places… but I can sure enjoy reading about them. Check Out 12 Of The Most Luxurious Spots In Paris.
  • We plan on traveling to so many places this year that I just assumed we would be checking off most of  the 7 Man Made Wonders Of The World. But with only one down (the Colosseum back in 2005) and only one coming up (Machu Pichu), it is looking like a much longer term goal. OverYonderlust has already scaled Machu Pichu and says that despite the cliche, it truly is amazing (I seriously love the classic Machu Pichu photo with the Llama instead of them… genius).
  • Steph from Twenty-Something Travel points out that while there are very famous man made wonders… there are also some big disappointments. La Boca in Buenos Aires really irritated her because it was a Disneyland-type experience of what foreigners expect of the city… not the best showcase for what Buenos Aires truly is (I would agree).
  • How about 15 International Food Etiquette Rules That Might Surprise You? The list is quite illuminating, but my favorite is that in Georgia, you don’t sip wine. You chug! Georgia sounds a lot like a certain college I know…
  • I am in mourning. Mourning for my beloved Norelco beard and hair trimmer that I ignorantly plugged into a 220v outlet when it could only handle 110v… I Guess Meg is going to have to get used to that long-haired hippie look! So you don’t make my same mistake, check out this Global Guide to International Outlets.
  • A Colombian friend of ours that we knew from Miami has been harassing us on Twitter because we are not going to make it to Colombia this year. For his sake, I am stating publicly that we regret this terribly and that guest posts like this on YTravelBlog do not make us feel any better.

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Quit his job to try actually following his dreams for once... and is currently loving it. He is working hard to to make this life-style permanent by writing about his adventures and brainstorming money making opportunities with his partner-in-crime, Meg.

JR March 4, 2012 at 1:15 pm

I really enjoyed this post of the WEEKLY BEST. The pics around Machu Picchu were incredible from WonderLust. You two are going to have a blast

Tony March 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm

We’ve been training in the high altitudes of Bolivia… so we’re hoping we can just enjoy the hike and not worry about altitude sickeness! Amazing pics, right?

Erica March 15, 2012 at 10:35 am

Thank you guys for giving us a bit of a shout out for Machu Picchu! <3

Tony March 15, 2012 at 7:07 pm

Definitely inspired us! We just got into Cusco and are starting our hike on the 28th!

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