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Best Of The Rest – The Weekly Roundup

by Tony · 4 comments

Our 200th article!

So apparently this is our 200th article? Crazy!

We couldn’t have done it with you :)

If you had asked me two years ago, I would have thought that we (and you) would have been well past bored by the time we reached our 200th article… but not us! Maybe you are though? Say it ain’t so!

But if you are bored of us… fear not. Just check out some of these great travel writers for great tales and inspiration:

  •  Josh is giving you a behind-the-scenes look at long-term travel and how to prepare. Do you know how to downsize your life so that it fits in a backpack? Just follow these steps and see if you can pack less than our 32 liter bags… I dare ya!
  • The other half of Traveling 9 To 5, Caroline, absolutely slayed me with this article on the game of travel charades. I have done every one of these gestures (and probably even a few more).  I can only imagine how much fun she had doing the photo series… what a pure laugh-inducing delight.
  • If you don’t think you could ever fit your life into a backpack, try following Leo’s 9 steps of life simplification. If you follow them all then you easily could grab a backpack and set out on the road!
  • Just because you’re simplifying your life doesn’t mean you never can buy new things. Check out these fantastic tips on how to buy your clothes so that they’re exactly what you want without killing your budget or closet space.
  • I LOVE reading and it is easy for me to get obsessed with a topic… don’t get me started on the 2 months I spent reading over 4,000 pages on LBJ! Ryan gives his advice on how to swarm a topic by focusing on multiple books and movies and I can’t wait to try his reading technique.
  • The main problem I have with Akila writing about a place we’ve already visited is that her pictures are always so much freaking better! Check out these ridiculous pics of her balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey.
  • You probably have issues when the location of a town makes you dream of adding it to the next expansion pack for Settlers Of CatanIssues that we can totally relate to!!! There are many reasons why we love the TwoOregonians… but this article explains a lot.

Your turn: Do you like this series of articles? We love to highlight our favorite reads from around the world, but do you love reading them? What would you like to see?

About Tony
Quit his job to try actually following his dreams for once... and is currently loving it. He is working hard to to make this life-style permanent by writing about his adventures and brainstorming money making opportunities with his partner-in-crime, Meg.

photo by: B Rosen
Barb July 13, 2012 at 10:32 pm

I enjoy the links you share and hope that you continue including them in your weekly roundup. I’ve learned a lot about travel from the two of you but it’s great to get even more insights from your fellow bloggers.

Tony July 14, 2012 at 5:48 am

Thanks, Barb! That helps a lot. I’m glad you are enjoying these weekly roundup’s as they definitely help us stay in touch with others are doing as well!

Bethany ~ twoOregonians July 14, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Add a board game night to the long list of pastimes we’ll have waiting for your epic Portland visit (dates TBD). Haha! So glad you can relate. Dalene from Hecktic Travels commented over on Facebook about how she spots settlement choices from airplane windows. I think we need a traveler’s tournament at some point in time. 😉

Fun round up the week. Love Ryan’s learning technique, especially.

Tony July 14, 2012 at 1:41 pm

I have always wanted to have a board game night with friends… promise this will happen?!?!?!

Catan games get ferocious over the holidays at my folks place, but I miss them so.

Glad you liked Ryan’s article! He always has crazy interesting thoughts and articles. I love reading and he actually has written a few articles on how to dominate reading and retain the info you’ve learned. Great for bibliophiles!

Glad you two are safe and enjoying South Africa!

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