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Best of the Rest (Weekly Links Ending 4/25/11)

by Tony · 1 comment

When you are preparing for an around the world adventure, you read as many travel blogs as you can in order to prepare.  Every week we list our favorite articles from some of the best travel writers out there, but if you think we missed any… let us know in the comments!

  • Chris reminds us that if you aren’t making plans for yourself, you run the risk of letting others plan your life for you.  While Corbett says that in order to execute on those plans you need to outline a clear direction and have a consistent history of moving towards those goals.
  • Five essential locals that you need to befriend on your travels.  The one tip I already know about street vendors is that you should only eat at the ones where the locals are standing in line.
  • As a Miami resident and someone who just wrote a two part expose on the theme parks in Orlando, you already know I enjoy Florida.  But check out what GapYearEscape has to say on the matter.
  • Kate expounds on what happiness means to her and discusses the end of her travels (in the short term).  Welcome back to the States, Kate!  But please let us know how you cope with having to start work again after living the dream on the road (a big fear or ours).
  • The dangers of sitting still and not travelling… so true.
  • With every post, Ayngelina is making me more excited about choosing Chile as our first destination.  Her archives will be a treasure trove of info right before we depart.
  • Wandering Earl has worms.  This terrifies me (especially his description of how you get them).  I definitely do not want to come back from our travels with more than we bargained for!

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Ayngelina April 27, 2011 at 9:11 am

Thanks for including me Tony, you absolutely must go stay with Coca in Northern Chile, it’s my best tip to have a great time.

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