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Calling All Vagabonding Couples

by Tony · 2 comments

Solo guys and solo girls.  Friends, frenemies, siblings, and couples.  Each combination having their own adventures from their respective perspectives (too fun of a phrase to edit out).

With all of these travellers going before us and only 8+ months to go before we depart, it is time for us to get educated.  Not just on the facts and how-to info that we will continue to pursue, but also on how to handle travelling as a couple.

We’re not the first.  Many have come before us and are still out there on that long beautiful road around the world.

So we will be introducing a new segment on LandingStanding focusing on interviewing couples who have caught the Wanderlust bug.  We will discuss their preparation, favorite places, how to avoid “couples stress” from spending every minute together, favorite places to visit, and whatever else they wish to share.

There are a few Vagabonding couples who we already have in mind for these interviews, but are looking for people who you might be interested in as well.  The couples could be married, dating, met on the road, or any other combination that works.

Vagabonding has many draws for us, but one is the vibrant community that supports world travellers and we want to leverage this network.  Email us, tweet us, comment below… but get your must-see couples nominated and we will do the rest to make it happen.

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mike August 16, 2011 at 12:52 am

We would love to help.

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