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When we were traveling in 2012, I was big on creating dining guides for some of the international cities we jaunted in. But since settling down back in the U.S., these guides have fallen to the wayside… But that’s all about to change! With my folks living in Kauai (we’re vacationing there as we speak!), […]


If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook then you probably know by now that we have put a pause on our world travels (for now!) and have recently setup roots in Portland, OR… and we are OBSESSED! In Portland, the food/drink scene is great, the people are overwhelmingly friendly, and there is so […]


It’s been almost two years since we finished our around the world trip. While we haven’t stopped traveling, our pace has definitely slowed down. I don’t think we’ll ever top 14 countries in one year! This site has grown a lot since we started writing on it and even more since we finished our trip, so we […]


It’s always nice to have as much time as you want to experience what a city has to offer. But sometimes circumstances just don’t cooperate. So what is the best way to see a city when you only have a few hours? The first impulse is to see and do as much as you can. […]


Check out the bottom of this post for my complete PACKING LIST for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 day / 3 night hike! After our Inca Trail hike last March, I wrote a post on tips for hiking the Inca Trail… But little did I know that people had WAY more questions than I had answers. […]


Sometimes you all surprise us… We have loved Croatia since we stayed there for 5 weeks in the early summer of 2012. We have also told everyone we meet that it was one of the best places we visited as far as food (big Italian influence), people (incredibly friendly), and price. While everyone we tell […]


You would think something as widely reported and overstated online as “Secret Entrance To The Louvre!!!” would quickly stop being a secret. If you just do a few Google searches about the Louvre you will stumble upon travel forums full of people sharing these “secrets.” So why am I sharing this same advice with you? Because […]


Before I begin our story, I want to apologize for our recent lack of posts on LandingStanding. The past month has been incredibly insane and wonderful all at the same time as we drove our Camry (aka Little Blue) across the US visiting friends and family along the way.  Between all of the dinners out […]