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It’s that time of the year in the Pacific Northwest where there are Friendsgiving’s galore, our December calendar is filling up FAST with holiday parties, and everything it getting delightfully dark, rainy, and gloomy in Portland. This holiday season is leaving me to reflect on this past year in Portland. We moved to Portland in […]


Photo Credit via Feast Portland I recently wrote on our favorite places to dine in Portland, but I know Tony and I have only scratched the surface of the food scene here. And this became even more paramount after indulging (a little too much) at the four-day Feast Portland extravaganza. At Feast, culinary giants from all over […]


Ahhh Portland, OR… The land of beards, flannel, rain, and FOOD. Photo Credit: Feast Portland Immediately upon moving to Portland a little over a year ago, I knew this little city in the Northwest was pretty special. Everyone we met was eager to tell us about their favorite restaurants and places to grab a casual […]


As I explore more of Oregon, I’m left compelled to write about my favorite destinations in this beautiful state. One place in particular is Astoria Oregon. Tony and I quickly learned that Astoria is famous here in Oregon – Fun fact: Astoria was home to the bevolved film, The Goonies! I’ll admit that I haven’t […]


Yellowstone in 2009. The Poconos in 2011. These were our only experiences camping as a couple and both were great, but they were car camping trips and we obviously didn’t do them very often. But ever since we moved to Portland, OR last year, one of the main goals has been to explore more of the […]


Since Tony and I finally put away our long-term travel packs and set up roots in Portland, OR, I had a weird sense of apprehension to post travel stories when we are no longer traveling internationally (yet). Pushing this apprehension aside, I decided to think outside the box and maybe, for once, talk about our […]


When we were traveling in 2012, I was big on creating dining guides for some of the international cities we jaunted in. But since settling down back in the U.S., these guides have fallen to the wayside… But that’s all about to change! With my folks living in Kauai (we’re vacationing there as we speak!), […]


If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook then you probably know by now that we have put a pause on our world travels (for now!) and have recently setup roots in Portland, OR… and we are OBSESSED! In Portland, the food/drink scene is great, the people are overwhelmingly friendly, and there is so […]