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With January behind us, we are well into the swing of 2016. Tony and I aren’t big advocates of the whole ‘new years resolutions’ thing, but we did want to have ONE goal to strive for in the new year… No, it’s not exercising more. No, it’s not daily meditation. No, it’s not eating less… […]


Welcome to Mount Fitz-Roy, stretching high above the tiny town of El Chalten, Argentina and offering some of the best hiking in Patagonia. This town was first established in 1985 for the sole purpose of aiding in a border dispute with Chile. Since then, it has become the base for backpacking day-hikers and some of […]


I have a very important Breaking News story: We LOVE food. Okay, it’s not that little of a fact… it’s a HUGE fact. We love food so much that we sometimes let it dictate where we travel to.  Our adventures to France, Italy, and Thailand weren’t just influenced by the history and culture of these […]


In the states, food seems to be merely a method of fueling our bodies. We eat meals sitting in front of the television, out of cartons, and on the run to work. We rarely pay attention to the details and preparation of our food or the richness in its taste. In Argentina, I see some […]


photo credit: unruly chaffinch I have been saving money since I graduated college. Well before our RTW adventure had even been dreamt of I was saving because I knew that money in the bank gave me freedom. Freedom to spend money on the things that were important to me. Freedom to eat incredible food at […]


If there is any wisdom I could pass along to other backpackers travelling the world, it is to MAKE FRIENDS! It seriously will change the entire outcome of your trip in the best ways imaginable. Interacting with others will be stimulating and enriching. It will also allows you to do things during your travels that […]


I once read that Buenos Aires was just like an old European city (the “Paris of South America”) except that it had not been taken care of in 30 years. The best analogy though might be from Tourist 2 Townie, who said it was like a Silver Fox (“Rugged and aged with a lot of […]


If you have been actively reading our blog, you are probably well aware by now that the way to my heart is through my stomach… … And Buenos Aires has me head over heels in love. Being the lucky girl that I am, this love affair started within the first 24 hours of arriving in this magical […]