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What do you get when you mix 2 insane couples with even more insane amounts of wine? I’ll tell you… You get our 2012 Hunter Valley trip. We met Brooke and Pat at the Travel Blogger Conference in Umbria last April and immediately clicked. By the time we made it to Australia in November, epic […]


You’re in your 20’s and doing the whole backpacker thing. Hostels to save money. Hotels when you want to live it up. But why haven’t you tried a Bed & Breakfast? This is what we were asking ourselves after we stayed at the Bli Bli House on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.  Catering especially to young couples […]


The sun is shining, the wind is blowing in my hair, and I am sipping on a glass of Merlot as I stand at the bow of a private yacht looking out over the stunning Sydney Harbour. Did I recently become a rap star?  No. Am I dreaming?  Let me check… *Pinch*.  No. I am […]


When I think surfing, there are only a few places that immediately come to mind: Hawaii, Australia, and Bali. I crossed Bali off of the list in October when we took our first surf lesson and will be crossing Hawaii off of the list shortly as Meg’s parents are buying boards for the family to use […]


Our trip this past January started off heavy on the hostel stays. Between the incredibly cheap prices of hostels in many South American cities and our early enthusiasm to rough it, we were in and out of hostels almost every week. But this hostel momentum eventually faded and the last half of our trip has […]


Being a backpacker on a limited budget, “all you can eat” basically means “eat as much as humanly possible so you can save some money on meals later”… or maybe even skip a meal or two altogether. After countless meals of stale crackers on long bus rides through South America, whenever heaps and heaps of […]


As you might have noticed, our travel style has slowly shifted from roughing it in co-ed dorms to now mostly staying in private apartments or houses… apparently our ability to rough-it is a limited resource. When we booked a shared apartment through Wimdu.com near Coogee Beach (pronounced could-gee for you Americans), just east of Sydney, […]


I am not what you might call, an “art aficionado.” My art vocabulary mostly consists of insightful phrases like: “I like it” or “weird” or the more high-brow “not for me.”  Insightful, right? Despite my lack of expertise, what got me curious about doing an art tour in Sydney was that the tour (led by Scott) […]