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Sometimes you all surprise us… We have loved Croatia since we stayed there for 5 weeks in the early summer of 2012. We have also told everyone we meet that it was one of the best places we visited as far as food (big Italian influence), people (incredibly friendly), and price. While everyone we tell […]


First… what is travel sick? The younger sibling of road weary and a first cousin to home sick, travel sick is what happens to everyone after a few months on the road. The initial excitement and momentum that propelled you out of the house initially gets blunted by the day-to-day necessities of travel: Another overnight […]


Stating the obvious is needed sometimes. Before you get caught up in the glamour of visiting different foreign cities every month, think hard about your enjoyment of travel itself. And not just your ability to enjoy, but to endure. Don’t fool yourself. Long term travel is one part excitement, one part enjoyment, and a whole […]


Croatia was the first destination on our trip where Tony and I truly got to stay still for an extended period of time and catch up on life.  We stayed at a cute little beach apartment in the quiet town of Drasnice, where there was absolutely nothing touristy to do… It was MUCH needed! For […]


Every weekend we write about the single greatest thing we ate in the past week. With all of our travels, it is almost always easy to pick something unique and interesting. But when we decided to spend a quiet month detoxing (from all of the delicious Umbrian meat, cheese, and wine) on the coast of […]


Croatia is quickly becoming my favorite country on our RTW trip.   I am a woman of simple needs and this tiny country in Eastern Europe has all the goods to keep me happy: It is stunningly beautiful It has been warm and sunny 90% of our time here All of the major cities and towns […]


If there is one constant about the beach, it is this: After a sunny day in the sand and surf, after you are crispy from too much sun and salt, when the idea of a nap is just about the best thing you have ever heard… EVERYTHING tastes fantastic. But don’t let this unimpeachable fact […]