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You would think something as widely reported and overstated online as “Secret Entrance To The Louvre!!!” would quickly stop being a secret. If you just do a few Google searches about the Louvre you will stumble upon travel forums full of people sharing these “secrets.” So why am I sharing this same advice with you? Because […]


I travelled for work every week  for four straight years and have the hospitality industry figured out. The secret lies right at the heart of Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great. Collin’s main message, that excellent customer service is the key in turning any good company into a great one, is spot on… Just think of the […]


Here is where you and I have a problem. I have been on the road now for over three months and for the past month you KNEW that I was going to Normandy… yet you never once mentioned the ridiculousness of Mont Saint-Michel. But when I tell you that I decided, on my own, to […]


If I had to summarize my favorite things in the world (besides my wonderful husband), they would be; chocolate, cheese, and wine… In that exact order. As you can imagine, Paris is a deadly, deadly place for me.  Paris is Meg’s Mecca of food and I fully planned on gaining 5 glorious pounds during our […]


As part of our France excursion, Tony and I wanted to spend a week living like the French out in the beautiful countryside.  We decided to go all out and stay in an adorable cottage in Normandy literally out in the middle of nowhere. Going into the week, I looked at this trip to rural […]