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Traveling couples have to travel differently than all you single folks. Don’t believe me? Think about this: Hostels usually aren’t the best accommodation for a couple. Especially on a financial basis. As a single traveler, hostels are a great way to access cheap accommodations while visiting a city. The tradeoff typically is the lack of […]


Confession: I hate tourist traps and I hate crowds! Hate is a strong word and is a word I do not like to use often. Nevertheless, my hatred of tourist clusterf*cks is unwavering. I knew about this personal trait before starting our trip, but it became more refined during our travels. So here I am, […]


Berlin has all of the ingredients of a dynamic entrepreneurial city and is fast using those ingredients to generate some really interesting startups. Given our love of startup culture and passion for travel, Berlin was the perfect mix of locals and expats all working on creating something new. Berlin is already being discussed as the […]


Berlin is a city dominated by history. Story upon story of shared struggles, pain, shame, and triumph. So packed with history in fact, that much is hidden in the shadows of larger events. The history of Jewish Berlin resides in these shadows. Obscured by the tragedy of World War II and the Holocaust, the story […]


Tony and I traveled to Berlin simply to visit a couple of our close friends that are spending the summer here.  We had very little knowledge and expectations of the city prior to arriving.  What we discovered is that Berlin is one giant melting pot… In it’s history, neighborhoods, culture, and food. If you are interested in […]