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When we were traveling in 2012, I was big on creating dining guides for some of the international cities we jaunted in. But since settling down back in the U.S., these guides have fallen to the wayside… But that’s all about to change! With my folks living in Kauai (we’re vacationing there as we speak!), […]


If a 36 ton Humpback whale jumps clear out of the water only a few feet away from you, but you were stuck inside napping and missed it… did it really happen? Based on the sounds from my sailing companions: A resounding YES. We were cruising up the west coast of Kauai on a 65 […]


The island of Kauai has an intense relationship with water… and not just because it is surrounded by it. Water defines the island. Every third car you see on the road has at least one surf board strapped to the roof and every other garage has a canoe parked inside. As small as Kauai is […]


Small towns: They can be a curse.  But more often than not, they are a BLESSING… especially when you’re new in town. My parents just moved to the island of Kauai, which is home to roughly 70,000 locals.  Even with this many people inhabiting the beautiful island, it still maintains a small-town feel.  Since the […]


Dear Beloved Left Foot Havaiana, I purchased you (and your right foot twin) my Senior year in college.  You were cute, comfortable, and matched with everything I wore.  5 years later, you were still holding strong.  So in January, 2012, I packed you in my backpack to take you on a year-long journey around the […]


A staycation (also spelled stay-cation, stacation, or staykation) is a neologism for a period in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at a hotel or motel close (~5 km) to their residence. ~Source: Wikipedia We have been living with my folks in their new home on the island of Kauai since the beginning […]


As much as I love the beautiful island of Kauai, it certainly has more than a few places that cater to tourists. After a month on the island, I was craving to go behind the curtain and explore the true local culture. And by local culture, what I really mean is the local food. I […]


Whatever I had imagined a luau to be… the Luau Kalamaku on the Kilohana Plantation was definitely not it. More of a large-scale Disney style theatrical production than a cheesy hula skirt dance show, there were stages scattered throughout the dining hall with a large elevated stage handling most of the action in the middle. […]