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9 men are skinning a just-killed cow as their children run around the carcass screaming and playing tag. The carcasses of dead goats are scattered around the small field, all in varying stages of the butchering process. The wives of the men are carrying the freshly cut pieces of meat, organs, and heads back to […]


This time last year, Tony and I were sitting at our desks at work emailing each other back and forth eagerly planning for our trip around the world.  Planning was almost as exciting as the journey itself.  But looking back now, we never fully stuck to those original plans. We decided to forgo purchasing around […]


Relationships are about compromise. Relationships are about open communication. Relationships are about respect. BLAH BLAH BLAH. But they’re also about who has the upper hand… and Meg has always held her SCUBA certification way above my head. That is why when presented with the opportunity of spending 3 weeks on the tiny island of Gili […]


Our entire trip around the world has been a series of “I can’t believe we get do this” moments, so you would think it would be difficult to choose just one to highlight. But nothing really frames what those moments are like more than how we ended up learning to surf in Bali. Relying On […]