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When Tony and I were touring around Umbria, Italy for Travels Bloggers Unite (TBU) in April, I stuffed myself silly with Italian wine, pasta, cheese, gelato… You name it, I ate it!  However, once we left Italy I realized that I missed out on Italy’s most famous dish: PIZZA! I know, I know.  How silly […]


I know what you are thinking… and NO. I have not let the past 10 days spent on a Tuscan farm go to my head and I do not now think that I’m a farmer. But WWOOFing in Italy, with limited access to a speedy internet connection, has made me slow down and think about […]


What is it about manual labor that makes you crave a hardy breakfast? I’m talking thick slabs of bread. Eggs made easy side up with just the right amount of runniness. And don’t forget bacon. NEVER forget bacon! So why have I been craving a hardy breakfast all of a sudden? WWOOFing What the heck […]


Literally meaning “I Love Porchetta,” Porchettiamo celebrates everything I love about Italy: The food, the wine, and the many different ways Italians’ have of celebrating both. It’s not just a celebration of any food, either. But a celebration of Porchetta. A moist, savory, concoction of spice infused Pork kept together by the crispy skin of the pig. […]


So here is the deal. We write about travel. The good, the bad, and the embarrassing. And because of you, oh loyal reader, sometimes we get to see and do things we could never have imagined when we started our travels. In return for an honest review of a tour or experience, many companies will […]


After a whirlwind week of networking, partying, and eating at the Travel Bloggers Unite conference in Umbria, Tony and I were in desperate need of rest and relaxation.  Luckily, our new friends, Giordano (In-house Press Office Manager at Assisi Wellness) and Laura, invited us (along with Ted and Bethany from TwoOregonians) for a lovely night out […]


To help kickoff our new Foodgasmic Tales From The Road series, I have asked several friends from our recent Travel Blogger Unite (TBU) conference in Umbria to share with us their favorite dishes from the region. This article will be lauched next Saturday and I cannot wait to read about all the scrumptious dishes that […]


Our week in Umbria for the Travel Bloggers Unite conference was undoubtedly the best week of Tony’s and my RTW trip to-date. Since the moment we arrived in Assisi, we felt like a red carpet had been rolled out to all the travel bloggers attending the conference. Festivals in Narni were held in our honor, […]