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Foodgasmic Tales

Well ladies and gentleman, it’s no surprise that Feast Portland 2016 was a pretty epic festival this past month. The 2015 festival was my first Feast experience, and this year was even better and more indulgent than last year (hard to believe). As a recap, Feast takes over the city each September for 4 legendary days and showcases […]


Shortly into our year-long trip around the world in 2012, Tony and I realized that much of the destinations we decided to visit were dictated by our stomachs. To me, there is no better way to explore a culture, learn about a city, meet new people, and engage with loved ones than through good food and […]


Photo Credit via Feast Portland I recently wrote on our favorite places to dine in Portland, but I know Tony and I have only scratched the surface of the food scene here. And this became even more paramount after indulging (a little too much) at the four-day Feast Portland extravaganza. At Feast, culinary giants from all over […]


“Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.” -Mark Kurlansky It’s no surprise that Tony and I base our travel (and life) decisions primarily on food. If a city or country isn’t known for it’s vibrant food scene, it’s probably not my scene, period.  These are […]


Since Tony and I finally put away our long-term travel packs and set up roots in Portland, OR, I had a weird sense of apprehension to post travel stories when we are no longer traveling internationally (yet). Pushing this apprehension aside, I decided to think outside the box and maybe, for once, talk about our […]


@landingstanding July 26th marked our first day as Portland residents – and since then it has been a whirlwind to say the least! Prior to moving here, we heard so many great things from friends and family about the city… the food, the outdoors, the people, etc. But one common theme we kept hearing about […]


1. What waiters see Every. Single. Time… they deliver your food. Meg & I love food to an insane degree. That’s beyond obvious, right? I mean, we left our jobs to travel for a year solely so we could eat everything we could find… We’re now taking that passion to the next level and starting a […]


Tony and I just started our summer gig petsitting in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (California) on a beautiful 20-acre ranch complete with 4 pups, 2 wild horses, 2 cats, internet, and incredible scenery. But besides spending our days working on building our empire, running the nearby hiking trails, and playing with the animals, there isn’t […]