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Back in 2003, my sister came down with a horrible case of amebic dysentery and salmonella poisoning while she was studying abroad in Italy… Long story short, she had to be evacuated back to the states and spent weeks in the hospital recovering. As you can imagine, my mom was incredibly paranoid about my health when […]


In the world of blogging, it is all about co-mingling with other great writers.  At LandingStanding, we love connecting with individuals that share a lot of the same hobbies and values that we do. One of the best ways to connect to such like-minded folks is to swap guest posts so we can all learn […]


Tony recently wrote a how-to article on what to do when you become “travel sick”, which is what happens when you get sick of travelling. But what to do when you actually get sick while travelling? Now in all fairness, I am not a doctor. But I have been sick with bronchitis and  E. coli while […]


As part of our France excursion, Tony and I wanted to spend a week living like the French out in the beautiful countryside.  We decided to go all out and stay in an adorable cottage in Normandy literally out in the middle of nowhere. Going into the week, I looked at this trip to rural […]


photo credit: PNASH I am no expert about PKD (trust me), but have had to do a few extra things because of it when I was preparing to travel. So hopefully you take my earlier advice and decide to travel NOW, but also know that just because you take the leap doesn’t mean you shouldn’t […]


Typically, our weekend posts have been the place for us to discuss eating on the road and some of our favorite hostel recipes. They should be easy to make, healthy with only a few ingredients, and made in a short amount of time. But in honor of National Kidney Month and following up on my […]


March is National Kidney Month and has inspired me to share one of my major reasons for traveling. Read on to learn more about me and hopefully steal a little inspiration as well. Working your ass off and retiring with oodles of cash at 65 is a good goal, if a little traditional. So don’t […]


Back at home I was a health nut and gym devotee.  Going into my RTW trip, I thought that I would be able to easily maintain my daily routine of working out and eating like a saint… Boy was I wrong! A part of being a backpacker travelling the world is being able to roll […]