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Hostel Cooking 101

After spending five days in Umbria for the TBU Travel Blogger Unite conference, I realized that there is one common denominator amongst travelers: We LOVE food.  In fact, many travelers Tony and I met consider their food experiences to be the highlight of their travels and are often more inclined to spend 20 Euros on […]


As part of our France excursion, Tony and I wanted to spend a week living like the French out in the beautiful countryside.  We decided to go all out and stay in an adorable cottage in Normandy literally out in the middle of nowhere. Going into the week, I looked at this trip to rural […]


Over the past three months, Tony and I have tried many traditional South American dishes.  Some were delicious and others… not so much.  But one dish we fell in love with during our food tour of Buenos Aires was the Spanish Tortilla (a.k.a. Spanish Omelet or Tortilla Espanola). A Spanish Tortilla is basically a thick egg omelette made with potatoes […]


Typically, our weekend posts have been the place for us to discuss eating on the road and some of our favorite hostel recipes. They should be easy to make, healthy with only a few ingredients, and made in a short amount of time. But in honor of National Kidney Month and following up on my […]


Having just arrived in Cusco, Peru, Tony and I decided to get ourselves into the Peruvian groove by whipping up a  traditional Peruvian lunch in our hostel’s kitchen. A lot of Peruvian dishes have many ingredients and are pretty labor intensive (i.e. Empanadas, Rellenos, Chupe de Camarones), but we found the Peruvian Butifarra Pork Sandwich to be […]


photo credit: stevendepolo Instead of showing you a specific recipe this week, let’s talk fundamentals. There are a few key things to keep in mind when trying to cook a meal on the road: You will almost always have limited kitchen supplies, so check before buying groceries. Keep it simple. No more than 5 ingredients […]


It is pretty well known that Argentina is the beef capital of the world. So when staying in Buenos Aires, why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to whip up some delicious meat up from scratch?! Like the North End in my native Boston (where literally every Italian joint is mouth-watering), you can’t go wrong with […]


When it comes to food, certain combos just work: Salt & pepper, cheese & crackers, eggs & bacon, and (my personal favorite) chocolate & peanut butter… swoon. However, on the road I discovered a whole new award winning culinary combo: Avocado and Tomato They are the new celebrity couple of my foreign cooking world, which […]