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Saving Money

Over 1 year before we quit our jobs, we knew we were going to travel around the world for an entire year. Other people who have done something similar spend their prep time travel hacking and trying to rack up as many miles and points as possible. Did we? Nope! Because of Meg’s job as […]


Whether it’s celebrity gossip, the Cronut movement, or the newest smart phone (yes, Tony still has a flip phone), we are known for being late to the game on things… But as a traveling couple that loves exploring cheap ways to travel, one wave that we need to hop ASAP on is Travel Hacking. What is […]


334 days of travel. $36, 774 spent.  14 countries visited. So what was the cheapest country? What was the most expensive? What were the biggest surprises? I know these are your most burning questions because you all told me. It basically comes down to everyone wondering how to travel the world on a budget. In […]


Travel budgets… Everyone talks about them, but what do you really know? Before we left on our trip, I read dozens of articles on how much it costs solo travelers as well as couples. While trying to compare budgets between different travel itineraries and travel styles is difficult, it at least gave us a rough […]


Traveling is one big test on your will power.  There is so much you want to do and see.  And whether you are on a tight budget or not, it is easy to stress out about your wallet on your adventures. I am here to tell you that stressing out is not the right mentality […]


Throughout our journey we have stayed in a plethora of accommodations. In South America, we were fresh into our RTW trip and trying to embrace the “true backpacker lifestyle”.  To save a few extra bucks, we would cram ourselves into shared dorm rooms at hostels… But we soon realized that privacy was an amenity worth […]


Budgets are boring. Projections are always wrong. Both of these statements are true, but ignore the bigger picture. Without a proper budget, you will spend too much on the little things and have no money left for food or a bed. Without a projection, you will have no idea how much to save for your travels and […]


In the world of blogging, it is all about co-mingling with other great writers.  At LandingStanding, we love connecting with individuals that share a lot of the same hobbies and values that we do. One of the best ways to connect to such like-minded folks is to swap guest posts so we can all learn […]