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Travel Planning

Just imagine yourself checking out of your hostel in Barcelona and dashing a 1/2 a mile in a mad rush to catch your train to Paris. Exhausting right? Now imagine doing this with 75 lbs on your back… Yes, I have witnessed this self-inflicted torture in action. The solution: Pack lighter! Trust me, your shoulders & back […]


I drove Tony to the airport yesterday for a weekend Bachelor Party in Charleston, SC. As I was shipping him off, I realized that we haven’t traveled separately in over a year… I know, pathetic. But what can I say? We love traveling together! Gettin’ the party started at 30,ooo feet! After a year traveling […]


Whether it’s celebrity gossip, the Cronut movement, or the newest smart phone (yes, Tony still has a flip phone), we are known for being late to the game on things… But as a traveling couple that loves exploring cheap ways to travel, one wave that we need to hop ASAP on is Travel Hacking. What is […]


Tony and I traveled around the world for an ENTIRE year in 2012 each carrying 32 Litre backpacks. I’m just gonna say it… We totally nailed the whole “packing light” concept Let’s face it, checking a bag sucks. You have to get to the airport early to get your bag checked into the flight, you […]


As someone who has been traveling a lot the past few years, the ability to a rent short-stay apartment while traveling has been miraculous. Often much cheaper than hotels, more privacy than hostels, and a ton more convenience than either, they make it easy to create temporary homes while on the road. Airbnb (and its […]


Or if you’re like Meg and lean more towards Harry Potter fandom, it’s more like “What Hermione Granger Can Teach You About Travel Packing.” So what do Hermione and Ms. Poppins have in common? An endless supply of goodies and surprises from a travel bag that seems bottomless. While they both relied on magic to […]


Check out the bottom of this post for my complete PACKING LIST for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 day / 3 night hike! After our Inca Trail hike last March, I wrote a post on tips for hiking the Inca Trail… But little did I know that people had WAY more questions than I had answers. […]


“How could you possibly fit a year of clothes into a 32 liter bag?” “I could never have only a few changes of clothes in my bag. Didn’t that get gross? At the very least it got boring, right? I hear you. I really do. I didn’t think it would be possible either. But after […]