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Win $50 Of Roomorama Credit With Just One Tweet

by Meg and Tony

Roomorama Giveaway

Christmas coming early... Could we BE any more excited for this giveaway?

We have partnered with Roomorama (feel free to explore their room finder on the lower right of our site) to give away $50 of Roomorama credit. This is a bit of an experiment for us, but we liked the idea of being able to give something to you after all of the great advice you have given us these past few months.

Let us know what you think!

How To Win?

Answer this question: In what city will you use your $50 of Roomorama credit and who is the one person (living or dead) that you would want to go with you? Why? Be as creative as you want!

The winner will be whoever makes us the most excited, laugh the hardest, or just the most plain inspired. Remember that we are the only judges and we love the weird, the goofy, and the plain ridiculous.

The contest will close at 2pm EST next Monday (May 7th) with the results to follow shortly. 

Two Ways To Enter

  1. Tweet your answer on Twitter to @Roomorama using the hashtag #LSRoom along with a link to this contest post http://www.landingstanding.com/roomorama-giveaway/
  2. Post your answer on our facebook page (click the previous link or the button on the top right of our site)

Our lame example: 1920’s Paris w/ Hemingway. Have you not seen Midnight In Paris? He’s the man! #LS

Why You Should Do Both

There will be a second prize of a $25 Amazon gift certificate given to whoever gets the most Retweets on Twitter PLUS “Likes” of their Facebook post on our page. You can win both prizes, so be funny, be memorable, and get a big response!

Let the Contest Begin!

What Is Roomorama?

Just so you know what you could be winning, Roomorama is a website that lets you book vacation rentals online. They have apartments in a ton of cities for rent by the day, week, and month. It can often be cheaper and much nicer to rent an apartment than get a hotel, so why not give it a try? Plus, they control the money so you never have to worry about losing your cash to an unscrupulous landlord.

Check out the review of our first experience with an apartment we booked through Roomorama.

Roomorama in their own words:

With Roomorama, finding your ideal accommodation is simple and easy! As a Guest (traveler, nomads & jetsetters), you have the flexibility to choose which type of property suits your needs. With our large array of property listings worldwide, you can find almost anything. So, whether you’re looking for a single bedroom or a large apartment, we have that all covered! We also provide a unique and secure payment system, which ensures that payments for your accommodation will only be release to Hosts upon successful check-in.

On Thursday, I will be sharing our experience with another Roomorama rental where we lived in Cusco, Peru for almost two weeks. For a couple traveling together, there is nothing better than having a place to “nest” as Meg would say. Stay tuned and I cannot wait to see some of the places you all want to go and who you would take with you!

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