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The Silly Things That I Will Miss When We Travel (and Why It Will All Be OK)

by Tony · 1 comment

If you are already out there on the open road, seeing extraordinary sights and living a fantastic life, you will find what I am about to say a little (or very) silly.  But if you are like me and about to travel for an extended period of time or afraid to even try… you might just be thinking the same thing.

The Silly Things I Will Miss

As time ticks away and the day of our departure creeps closer, I have begun to think through what it means to not just go to other places, but to leave places behind.  I will be leaving behind many people, places, and things that I will most certainly miss while on the road… but that isn’t going to stop me!  So while all of the items on the following list will be sorely missed, I have lots of good reasons why it will all be OK.


#1 on the list and #1 in my heart.  Luckily for me, I’m not traveling solo and will be taking one of the best family members I could ask for with me… Meg!  But what about the rest?  Well if you do the math, how often do you see your family currently?  Especially if you live in another city.  Two, maybe three times per year?  Plus, in this age of cell phones and Skype, staying in touch is so much simpler…and me and Meg being overseas gives my vacation-loving family so many good excuses to come visit us in an exotic locale!


Well… this one is tough.  Since moving to Miami, I rarely get to see my friends from Boston and the only contact I have is through a long running email chain from college.  We will be in Boston for two months before we travel so I will just have to load up on my friend time then… unless any of them want to meet up while I’m abroad.  Oktoberfest anyone?

My Job

You’re shocked?  I’m shocked.  Mostly because I never thought I could miss anything less when I started planning for our great RTW adventure.  However, I have what many would consider a great career and am a few years ahead of many of my peers.  There is always that fear that I am throwing everything away and will be jobless forever when I return.  Luckily, I have the full support of my lovely wife who not just supports me in quitting my job but is actively pushing me to do so!  Talk about having faith in our ability to land standing!

TV Shows and Movies

I have no defense for these two.  I am an unabashed freak for TV and movies and will proudly say I worry about missing my favorites.  I am guessing that getting cheap and fast internet access for long enough to watch TV online will be tough and movies always come out much later overseas than in the US.  The positive is that we live in a wonderful age where every great show is on DVD or Netflix streaming so that Meg and I will be able to have some unbelievable marathon couch sessions catching up on all of our shows when we come back (I’m talking to you Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Doctor Who).

Favorite Foods

I have a lot of favorite meals here in the states (French Toast from the Front Porch Cafe in SoBe is near the top) but come on… I have watched No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain and know what awaits me abroad.  I am salivating knowing that I will get to sample all of the worlds cuisines and I already know I will miss them when I have to return to the states!

It Will All Be OK


Yes it will.

No matter my petty reservations and silly list of things I’ll miss, it is all quickly eclipsed by my excitement to travel with Meg.  I will miss my family, friends, shows, and foods… but with today’s technology, nobody is that far from loved ones and the shows and food will be right where I left them when I come back.

It will all be OK.

For those who are still traveling RTW, what are the silly things you thought you would miss before you left…and did they really matter?

For those like me and have yet to depart, is there anything you worry about missing?

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