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Trip Preparation

One reason this site exists is to help us prepare for our upcoming adventure.  With that purpose in mind, this page will be updated with all of the things we need to do before we depart.  We would love your help in getting ready for this trip so please leave your thoughts below in the comments.

The LandingStanding, all-encompassing, surprisingly thorough, master to-do list:

Travel Documents:

  • New passport for Meg DONE
  • Visa for first country visit (Chilean Visas available at airport) DONE
  • Investigate visa requirements for possible destinations
  • Research travel insurance coverage


  • Doctor’s visits for pre-trip checkups
  • Research what shots/medicine might be necessary
  • Research medical insurance coverage
  • Research how medical prescriptions will be handled while travelling

Travel Planning:

  • Pick initial destination (Santiago, Chile here we come!) DONE
  • Research WWOOFing opportunities
  • Make plans to visit friends overseas
  • Research best travel items and buy what is necessary
  • Research international cell phones
  • Get Skype accounts for talking to friends and family while travelling

Personal Finances:

  • Pro forma budget (monthly)
  • Setup investment strategy while travelling
  • Manage savings strategy while travelling
  • Investigate how banking will be handled while overseas
  • Make passive income while travelling

Pre-trip Logistics:

  • Store/sell/throw away everything in apartment
  • Decide what to do with car during trip: sell vs storage

The list will be updated as we dominate our planning but your help is needed… So what have we missed?