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Who Are We?


This site was originally created to chronicle our adventures quitting our corporate jobs to travel around the world (15 countries visited) and maybe inspire a few folks in the process. But since its creation, it has morphed into a place where we share our passion for travel, food,  entrepreneurship, & all things that make us happy.

We are currently making this crazy lifestyle permanent and share every stride and stumble we take towards this goal.

We have hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, been pickpocketed twice on the same subway ride in Buenos Aires, dined like Anthony Bourdain in Croatia, and have experienced every kind of travel story you can imagine….

Our hope is that we provide you with a dose of inspiration along with some helpful resources. If it’s your first time to LandingStanding, you might want to read a few of the stories below.

Places to start…

Foodgasms – All About Food!

Dealing With Work & Life Before You Depart

Advice For The Road

A Dash Of Inspiration

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What The Heck Does Landingstanding Even Mean?

That’s the first time we’ve heard that question…. :) but here is how we (and Webster’s soon enough) define it:

The act of leaping without looking, loving without fearing, and dominating anything life throws at you while never losing balance (well almost never). As in: “I quit my job to travel the world and will hopefully end up on my feet… you know, landing standing.”

So Who Are We… Really?

Want more? Than you can read all About Us.

Follow along as we take wild leaps into the unknown and scramble like hell to land on our feet. [Now you get it, right? We’re trying to end up… LANDINGSTANDING]