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About Meg & Tony

Meg and Tony are a young married couple that put a few years into the corporate world and yearned for something different.  They shared the dream of travelling abroad and seeing the world like locals and decided to make it a reality.

For the past year, they have diligently planned for the RTW journey of a lifetime to start in January 2012.   They have begun their trip in Santiago, Chile and over the next year they plan to travel around various places in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

LandingStanding was created to chronicle Meg and Tony’s grand adventure around the world.   Besides being a record for generations to come, Meg and Tony hope that LandingStanding will serve as an inspiration to others with the same passion for travel and will be a helpful resource on how to make it happen.

This blog will be a launching pad where the couple can discuss their successes and failures on the road and will also be a portal to get friendly tips and suggestions from others on how to make this journey as successful as possible.  So please help us grow and inspire!

Why LandingStanding?

LandingStanding is a phrase that represents that no matter where they go, no matter what happens, they will Land Standing and be better off for the journey.  They also like rhyming.

About Meg

“Carpe diem” is my favorite cliche and also my motto.  I am a high-energy girl that loves being active (and the naps that follow), spending time outdoors, eating (A LOT), and partaking in any water sport under the sun.  Tony often teases me for becoming claustrophobic when I have been in one place for too long.  More than anything, I have always had a passion to travel and explore new things.  I was fortunate enough to marry a guy that shares these same passions and wants to share them with me. I have zero expectations for this year’s RTW trip, but I hope to have an incredible time and learn as much as I can in the process.


About Tony

Besides being most often described as indescribably handsome with a wonderful taste in women (see above), I love traveling without advanced plans.  While this might get me into trouble on my own, I’m lucky that I married a woman who was born to travel plan. Together, we share our different perspectives on travel and our shared philosophy on life through this site and our many social media accounts.

What is the point of this trip for me? To experience different cultures, live like a local in numerous countries, make mistakes that are only funny in hindsight, and have one hell of an adventure.