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With our recent move to Portland, Tony and I are loving the ability to kick our feet back, explore our new hometown, and to finally setup some roots after being on the road for almost two years. As much as we are loving being homebodies right now, the one thing that we miss from our […]


The Basics Of Dealing With Money While Traveling If you’re anything like me, trying to figure out how you are going to travel with money is a headache. When we were planning our around the world trip, worst case scenarios easily flashed in front of me. I wondered what I would do in a foreign country if I lost my wallet, got my credit card stolen, or […]


@landingstanding July 26th marked our first day as Portland residents – and since then it has been a whirlwind to say the least! Prior to moving here, we heard so many great things from friends and family about the city… the food, the outdoors, the people, etc. But one common theme we kept hearing about […]


The “Cliff Notes” Version The mountains and woods of California. Portland, Oregon. Cincinnati, Chicago, & financial freedom. That’s the shortest possible summary of our life to date, so let me explain just a bit more… The Mountains And Woods Of California We touched on this occasionally (but even then only briefly) over the past year, […]


I drove Tony to the airport yesterday for a weekend Bachelor Party in Charleston, SC. As I was shipping him off, I realized that we haven’t traveled separately in over a year… I know, pathetic. But what can I say? We love traveling together! Gettin’ the party started at 30,ooo feet! After a year traveling […]


Over 1 year before we quit our jobs, we knew we were going to travel around the world for an entire year. Other people who have done something similar spend their prep time travel hacking and trying to rack up as many miles and points as possible. Did we? Nope! Because of Meg’s job as […]


Whether it’s celebrity gossip, the Cronut movement, or the newest smart phone (yes, Tony still has a flip phone), we are known for being late to the game on things… But as a traveling couple that loves exploring cheap ways to travel, one wave that we need to hop ASAP on is Travel Hacking. What is […]


There is a lot of travel advice and tips that work for both couples and solo travelers. But there are some advantages that only work when traveling as a couple, including being able to split your gear between two bags. That’s why this IceMule Cooler gets our recommendation as a great piece of outdoor travel gear for […]