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4 Years Of Marriage & 4,000 Meals The latter is an approximation (scientifically accurate btw) while the former is quite exact: April 10th, 2010. 4 years of traveling, adventuring, trying new things, eating, and a whole bunch of other incredible amount of fun fueled by our desire to experience life in new ways. But the […]


Tony and I traveled around the world for an ENTIRE year in 2012 each carrying 32 Litre backpacks. I’m just gonna say it… We totally nailed the whole “packing light” concept Let’s face it, checking a bag sucks. You have to get to the airport early to get your bag checked into the flight, you […]


It’s always nice to have as much time as you want to experience what a city has to offer. But sometimes circumstances just don’t cooperate. So what is the best way to see a city when you only have a few hours? The first impulse is to see and do as much as you can. […]


As someone who has been traveling a lot the past few years, the ability to a rent short-stay apartment while traveling has been miraculous. Often much cheaper than hotels, more privacy than hostels, and a ton more convenience than either, they make it easy to create temporary homes while on the road. Airbnb (and its […]


Or if you’re like Meg and lean more towards Harry Potter fandom, it’s more like “What Hermione Granger Can Teach You About Travel Packing.” So what do Hermione and Ms. Poppins have in common? An endless supply of goodies and surprises from a travel bag that seems bottomless. While they both relied on magic to […]


You know from our weekly traveling foodie newsletter (BellyHustle), that we are obsessed with food. From our experiences in many different countries, we know that food can be so much more than just what we use to fulfill our hunger. It is an expression of individuality, character, and even of an entire culture. These are […]


1. What waiters see Every. Single. Time… they deliver your food. Meg & I love food to an insane degree. That’s beyond obvious, right? I mean, we left our jobs to travel for a year solely so we could eat everything we could find… We’re now taking that passion to the next level and starting a […]


Hey team… We love you. We really do. Which is why we need your help! We want to make sure we are constantly improving and providing not only useful, but super interesting content to you on a consistent basis. In order to do this, we sweetly ask that you take 1 minute to fill out […]