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A bug bite:  It’s there.  It burns. It throbs.  It itches.  But once you give into the temptation of scratching it, you will never be able to stop.  It becomes an addiction deep in your soul. Just like any bug bite, once I scratched the surface of the Thailand itch, I couldn’t get enough of […]


Bangkok is famous for two things: Ladyboys and cheap messages. …It may actually be famous for more things, but I don’t want to bore you with the details. Unbeknownst to me, I would experience BOTH of these Bangkok treats during our 4-day stay in the city.  And in my situation, these two things did not […]


Throughout our journey we have stayed in a plethora of accommodations. In South America, we were fresh into our RTW trip and trying to embrace the “true backpacker lifestyle”.  To save a few extra bucks, we would cram ourselves into shared dorm rooms at hostels… But we soon realized that privacy was an amenity worth […]


I remember watching My Best Friend’s Wedding when I was 13 years old and thinking that Julia Roberts character, Julianne, had the best career ever. The opening scene showed her in a fancy restaurant in Chicago nibbling on a variety of mouth watering dishes as an esteemed food critic. As soon as I saw this […]


Tony and I spent this past month on the Thai island of Koh Samui, house-sitting a beautiful luxury villa and taking care of some amazing German Shepherd dogs.  But when we weren’t playing with the pups at the beach, we were checking out some great dining spots on the island that were participating in the […]


When it comes to eating, I am both perplexed and in awe of Thailand natives. Since arriving in Thailand, I have noticed a couple common themes: Thais are ALWAYS eating Thais are ridiculously thin As someone coming from the most obese nation in the world, these paradoxes boggle my mind! But then 3 weeks into […]


Whenever I dine out, I always ask for the chef’s recommendation when I am ordering my meal, because I like to think that the chef knows best!  So you can probably imagine my general enthusiasm towards set menus and tastings of a kitchen’s greatest creations. When Tony and I used to live in Boston, we […]


What is better than spending a month on a secluded and peaceful island in Thailand? Oh right, NOTHING. Thanks to Roomorama, Tony and I found the perfect Thai villa on the beautiful island of Koh Mak to spend the month of August catching up on work and some classic R&R. What is Roomorama you ask? […]